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The contents of the present policy are exclusive property and propriety of M/s. Baba Nanak Tour and Travel Pvt. Ltd. Unauthorized use or reproduction of the same in part(s) or in whole may invite legal action. 


Unless the context otherwise requires:

Words of any gender are deemed to include those of the other gender;

Words using the singular or plural number also include the plural or

singular number, respectively;

Headings and bold typeface are only for convenience and shall be ignored

for the purposes of interpretation;


 At M/s. Baba Nanak Tour and Travel Pvt. Ltd i.e. the company owning the website www.bookcabsonline.com, we endeavor to put your comfort, ease of use, security, safety and privacy first.

The present policy shall help us to explain you about our information collection, usage and dissemination practices including your personal and financial details as you visit our website, mobile application, browse through or avail our service(s).

By visiting/ browsing/ using our website/ mobile application or browsing through or availing our website or mobile application, you unconditionally agree to the terms of the present policy including that we can collect/store/ disclose/ disseminate and/ or use Information(as defined hereunder) in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.

Collection/ storage/ disclosure/dissemination and/ or use of Information

Information is data, documents, accounts, acts and/ or omissionsor any other similar things or traitsthat can beused to identify a person or is/ are attributable to the said person.

Collection of information is done by us by your visiting/ browsing/ using our website/ mobile application or browsing through or availing our website or mobile application, doing any transaction(s), participating in any event/ promotion/ survey, viewing/ clicking/ rerouting to any third party sponsor, cookies/ browsing history on your device, information stored on your device like owner information, device information, I.P address, applications, software, location, preferences, logs, usage patterns, schedule etc.

The Information is stored either in servers and/ or data storage devices under our propriety and control or in servers and/ or data storage devices authorized by us.

The Information is used by us to make our products and services better, error free, more friendly, more secure and safe. Further, to assist in auto filling/ auto complete of logins/ information, to provide details/ information/ materials and updates about our products/services/ offers/ policies, for marketing purposes by us, our associates, vendors and/ or our third party associates or clients, for internal training, analysis and monitoring purposes.

The information is also used to store/ provide the same as may be required by law to any statutory/ regulatoryor other governmental/ judicial authority, as evidence in disputes/ litigation, if any. Further, to check, scrutinize and ensure compliance of our terms of use, policies and other contracts and to prevent unauthorized use, fraud, illegal acts and threats.

The Information may also be shared by us with third parties whom you may have accessed or visited through our website or mobile application. However, you shall be bound by the terms, conditions and policies of such third party applications when you access or visit them and such terms, conditions and policies shall be read, understood and accepted or rejected by you through your own costs, risks and efforts

That you are always at liberty to exit our website/ application and/or delete your registration at your own free will and accord. However, the period which you visit/ browse/ use our website/ mobile application or browse through or avail our website or mobile application, you shall be governed by this policy and terms of use.

Retention of Data

After your exit from our site or termination of your registration with us, we only retain Information as may be required by law or may be subject to any proceedings or investigations. All other Information is deleted from our facilities immediately.


The Information collected by us is stored and used in its original form except in parts where it may not lose its pith and substance. 

That the Information collected by us if for sole use and benefit to us and we are/ shall be under no obligation to provide it, in part(s) or in whole to you or any person claiming through you. 

We are/ shall not be responsible/ liable for any loss or damage caused due to any act/ illegal use or omission of any third party or caused due to Force Majeure or circumstances beyond our control or for acts/ omissions done in good faith.


Visiting/ accessing third party websites/ linksmay lead to your information being accessed by such third party content. The exercise of discretion to visit/ access these third party websites/ links and to accept/ reject their terms and policies shall be at your sole responsibility/ risks/ costs/ efforts.

We do not ask or require any Information vide any other mode other than our website or mobile application. You are cautioned and advised that these communications be not accepted or entertained as the same may be hacking or Phishing attempts. We also request you that you may inform or forward any such attempts to us

 Revision of Policy 

The present policy may be modified/ changed/ amended/ revised without any prior notice/ express declaration and you shall be responsible to check and accept/ reject such changes, if any, at your own costs/ risks and efforts. 

Such changes shall be effective immediately as soon as the same are made and uploaded on website/ mobile application.

Governing law

This Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and courts at New Delhi only shall have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes, if any, arising out of this policy


Any feedback/ suggestion/ query/ grievance/ complaint/ appreciation in relation to our products or services may be sent to info@bookcabsonline.com.